Saturday, January 10, 2009

Generation Gap or Being Forgetful??

Another year end holiday is over and my sons are back to schools already. My daughter and this old couple resume our quiet and routine life again back in Penang.
I enjoyed sharing good time with my children when they were all back home. Even just merely knowing the fact that they are around without having any conversation with them, I felt joyful and satiated. I am so proud to observe the way they shared their opinions and expressed their ideas among themselves. My sons are no longer gullible young boys, I am delighted to admit that their foresight has made me reconsider my stance sometime.
Well, that said, it also means what we thought is good for them may not always gain their agreements as it used to be anymore.
Alvin is a bright young man and brave enough to stand for his decision. I am proud of the way he handled difficult situation without compromising his choice despite his mother was holding on to an opposite opinion. Surely my wife was deeply disappointed but I saw a persistent young man fighting for what he wanted. Notwithstanding what is going to be the possible outcome of his decision today, I saw his self confidence and perseverance which are the essential elements to succeed. I am convinced that he deserves a chance to prove himself but I failed to convince my wife to do so. Perhaps, it's because my value is on a happy family and not so much on my personal preference. Afterall, I believe, preference is really personal. If he managed to pass 5 professional actuary papers before he completes his basic degree, he definitely deserves the benefits of the doubt.
Andrew and I were exploring The Secret. I have been practising visualization and reap some fruits. I am so eager to share with him my experience and pleased that he found it interesting and prepared to put what he newly acquired into practice. I do believe what he learned will benefit him for a long long time. He wanted, and hence, will be going to Pennsylvania for one year out-campus study. He managed to materialize his wish even before learning The Secret, I have high confidence that this son of mine, with his usual persistency, will do much better than we anticipated.
Serene is addicted to novels. From Twilight to New Moon, and what's next? Her PMR result was good but failed her mother's expectation. My little girl has her own little world by herself and, as parents, we could not find the door to her heart anymore. Her cyber world is all kept secret and the physical door of her room is also found shut most of the time recently. What is going on?
Well, my children is my world while their world is their own.
Is this generation gap? or am I being forgetful? I have been a teenagers before, of course, and I have gone through that path before, didn't I. Why am I questioning all these afterall?
Well, nature will take its course. All I only want is let my children be always happy.



At 7:32 PM, Blogger SereNe said...

This post sends me in tears..I'm sorry for what I have done..It takes time for me to realize , I'm not as rational as I thought I was . But please remember , you're my world ! And I'm happy because I have you . Love you dad ! Always do.. =)


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