Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sense of belonging

I was deeply disappointed, when my wife told me that my son does not have sense of belonging to the home that we live. Of course, the discontentment was supported with reasons which I could buy off if I squeeze myself into his teenager’s shoes.

I took a step back and wonder, have I ignored the fact that his is a young man and not a little kid who still requires my “protection and guidance” now? Perhaps he is right. I have too many rules and expectations which did not earn his concurrence, and what I thought was good for him may be seen as an over-restriction.

Maybe reciting a few recent cases and do a post mortem. My son decided to sign up a course and subsequently changed his mind, we spent some money and hopefully he gains something out of the abandoned course. He had an accident and damaged the family car recently. He is obviously very green in handling crisis. We sorted it out for him and skipped the reprimand, believing he learned his lesson.

My finding over these incidents is his value for money is very low.

We concern, provide the best we believe and do not mind spending money for him, but we expect at least his appreciation. What else should we do next if he does not feel belonging?

Perhaps, he is too young to appreciate us and most probably he will be enlightened after his away-from-home university life.

We are looking forward to the day with open arms patiently.


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