Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Young Lovers

Praise the Lord that my family is preserved and my children are living a healthy Church life.

Young adults are inquisitive and what life offers along their ways catches their attentions and interests. As time flees, parents tend to forget that our children have grown up and their perspective of life changes, i.e. they fall in love and see thing differently.

I was advised (if not warned) by a responsible brother who explicitly touched on this topic and I supposed to take precaution because my daughter wrote a little note to another brother. We had a closed door discussion with my young teenager and prayed that the puppy love will resolve.

The story did not end somehow and the sequel continues with our Church conducts weekly youth meeting. All teenagers get together to pursue biblical teachings as well as having fun. It’s normal that they contact each other through telephone. There is this young brother who calls my daughter regularly and their conversation is taking from half to one and a half hour normally, almost everyday. I got suspicious and talked to this young brother and advised him to concentrate on his study, and subsequently with the young boy’s concurrent I also talked with his father.

Situation did not change and my wife starts to worry.

Last night, my wife decided to talk with her “counterpart” (the boy’s mother) and hopefully both teenagers will divert their attentions to their studies instead of wasting time in chatting through phone. Our intention was to resolve it on a subtle way and nobody gets hurt.

I don’t believe in there is only “one right way” to handle situation, nevertheless the directive from our responsible brothers requested my daughter to ignore youth brothers’ phone calls. Since this is a consensus from the responsible ones, we chose to obey. Therefore, we feel obligated to inform the boy’s parents and hopefully thing will settle peacefully.

Somehow deep inside me I feel sorry for these kids. Perhaps it happened too early and in the wrong environment, or the evolvement of God’s creation has mutated where the physical clock of maturity is perceived as degraded nowadays!


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Well written article.


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