Friday, March 20, 2009

It's my turn

What goes around comes around.
I know the feeling of both sides at last. I felt bad when I was assigned to do it to my fellow colleagues, and I know how it feels when the same is happening to me now.
Although I have prepared to face it since few years back, I feel lost still.
I have been working for the past 29 years and I am convinced that this is a blessing in disguise; to allow me to have a break as well as the opportunity to catch up with the latest development in the accounting industry.
Well, I am looking forward to the day that God has arranged for me, and trust that my new start will be even more exciting than previous experience.
I can now testify that I managed to take things easy is because of I am enjoying the amazing grace. I know I am okay. Not only that, I also know that my family will be okay. I have nothing to worry even though common sense tells me I have a lot to be worried about. It's great to have such opportunity to experience the grace of God.


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