Monday, March 12, 2007

What happened to the blank memory?

After a long silence, at last, I decided to take a moment off, slow down and appreciate where I am and what I still have today.

When my sons were young I worked hard and prayed for them to grow up, and my prayers have been answered. They are young men now and pursuing their tertiary education away from home. I start to realize that I did not spend too much time with them when they lived under the same roof with me. Although it’s regretted that I missed to share and cherish their childhoods, I learn to appreciate who they are today, and to appreciate their only sister while I still see her everyday at home.

My father was hospitalized last week and thank God that he is recuperating. I get the enlightenment from the incidence that I am so lucky both my parents are healthy and it only takes 20 minutes drive to see them. Perhaps I must make it a point to see them once a week to be part of their golden year living.

The company that I am working for is not doing well. I believe I have done my job and have been contributing by solving problems that were not directly related to my area of responsibility. I did grumble but I also recognize the fact that this company has fed my family for the past 8 years. Conceivably I am willing and must exhaust my knowledge to contribute to the business recovery. Hence, I am convinced that I have a lot of work to do.

The most ignored person in my life is my wife apologetically. It’s not that I took her for granted intentionally but the fact that she is always so close, so much so that I lost visibility of her sensitivity. I could not imagine what will happen to my family if I were to redo what we are today without her. Perhaps I should treasure every single moment that I have with her from now on.

Time spent without value is just blank memory. Well, I still have what I have and just simply need to be more appreciative and grateful to what is coming my way, I guess.