Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Death Of Gaddafi

NATO called an end to its air war in Libya, and the clan of Muammar Gaddafi demanded a chance to bury the body that lay on display in a meat locker after a death as brutal and chaotic as his 42-year rule.  I read this from The Star Newspaper today.

Starting a career in politic is just like getting into any other careers, it's a matter of choice. The difference is the motives behind that decision, perhaps luck and opportunity do play their roles. But ultimately, how ones pursue down the road is very much depending on individual decision, i.e. thier choice.

Not all politician will end up like Gaddafi, of course.  The food for thought, when ones get into Gaddifi's over-the-past-42-year position, most probably, he/she will be blinded by the possession of power and weath as well in such environment.  As a result, ones may ended up like Gaddafi, who knows.  

On the other hand, as a general public, we see things from our own perspective and we maintain a balance between what is humanly acceptable and what is not.  I believe that happened to Gaddafi as well before he came into power.  If he is still alive today but as another man on the street, perhaps he would see thing from a very different perspective as he being Gaddafi.

Hence, what is the morale of the story?

What we own and what we have possess us, not the other way around.  Do you reckon? we make comments base on our own background and who we are without really realising it. Perhaps Gaddafi got into his position and let life went on auto-cruise, and ended the way as it is. Should we take a pause, slow down our pace and do an evaluation on what and who we are at the present stage. See ourselve from, perhaps Gaddafi or any other person's perspectives.  Guess what would they think about us and how does that compare to our own value? Would any of these thoughts change our decision, or we may want to take a different route of life? Nevertheless, the best part is, we still alive and we still have time and opportunity, although not that much. Still, we can make a difference if we see it earlier.

Well, it's easier say than done, ultimately we live our own life and be responsible for it.  Hence bear the consequences of our choice.

Lastly, if you were in Gaddafi's shoes, will you ended up like him?  I invite your comments.